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CZS – Narnia provides primary education in the range of curriculum set by the Ministry of Education in Slovakia.  Part of it also English education beginning in the 1st grade with 5 classes a week. Students start their second foreign language in the 5th grade and they can choose between Spanish or German.  There are also some other subjects in English at II. stupen.  English is being taught by Slovak and also native speakers, coming from Great Britain and USA . Spanish teacher is also a native speaker.

Religion if a fixed part of the timetable for all grades consisting of one religion class a week and morning openings, which also have a communication and psychological purpose. Their aim is to present the Biblical teaching.

Long term and short term projects are an important part of education. Searching for the information, distinguishing their importance and assessing them are skills that support students’ independence, critical thinking and creativity. They learn how to use modern information technology, present their own work and to connect their previous knowledge with the new information.

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