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Wisdom, complex world view and testimony about Christian perspective of life in the

We want to be an environment where students can gain high educational standard joined with wisdom of life that has impact on every area of life in line with the Gospel with Jesus Christ.


General Christianity ecumenical thinking and respect for differences.

We want to create a Christian environment which is open to all the living church traditions and puts emphasis on personal faith. We realize that Christianity is expressed in wide variety of churches and denominations and we are also aware that Christianity can only work in an open dialogue with other ways of thinking and believes.


Openness to different cultures and language preparation.

We aim to be an environment that reflects wide range of cultures living in Slovakia. We put specific importance on education in foreign languages. We consider it necessary for the process of
building contacts with the world and integrating in European structures. High qualification and permanent education of the teachers gives them personally as well as their students chance to succeed in a competitive social environment.


Mutual respect and integration.

We desire to be an environment that accepts every person with all their specific cultural background, family traditions and personal history. We want to create a culture of relationships based on mutual respect, cooperation and open communication with no regard to age, rase, nationality, profession or social status. Respecting personalities of other people concerns work relationships within our team as well as teacher
- student relationships, where we want to give equal opportunities to every child, also to those with special needs.


Family support.

We do not consider school only as an educational institution. Therefore we want to form the environment which supports children to have a healthy relationship towards themselves, their peers and adults. It is a preparation for responsible attitudes in their future roles as fathers and husbands and mothers and wives in their families as well citizens and parts of society. We wish to cooperate
with families of our students through activities, which will be based on Christian values and which will strengthen the family relationships.

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