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Dear parents,


Your children were given the Vzdelávací poukaz (Educational certificate), which is a form of support of extra-curricular activities from the Ministry of Education. Each certificate is valued 29 EUR per student/school year. You can use this certificate for paying for the whole or part of a specific club. You can chose from clubs provided by the Centrum voľného času (Free time center), ZUŠ (Schools of arts) or in Štátna jazyková škola (State language school). You can also choose from clubs at our school or pay for Rest Time.


We kindly ask you to apply for the clubs by handing in the filled form at the reception until 26th Sept. 2012.

Schools as well as other accredited institutions must report the applications to the School District Institute until the end of September. The condition is, that the student attends the club at least for 60 hours per school year.

Closer information can be found in the School Ministry guideline 6/2007 – R.

You can pay for the club in advance per whole school year or per half a year. Payment can be paid through bank transaction or however is shown at the club.

We kindly ask the parents with more children to pay attention to clear identification and to provide the code of the club.


The clubs start in October.


When paying for the clubs with codes 01, 02, 03, … you can assign the money to account 266 825 0025/1100

Variable symbol **DDMMYYYY where ** is the number of the club and DDMMYYY are the date, month and year of birth of the child for whom the payment is for.

Example: Paying for Ceramics for a child born 11.5.1997, the VS will be 07111997

Constant symbol: 308


The club leader can provide you other way for payment for the club.

Rest Time – provides organized activities in its clubs, that have different topics every month. The fee is 15 EUR. You can consult specific information with Lenka Jurčová.

The fee must be paid the month before till 10th of the month. The Specific symbol must be 9999.

The club leader has the right not to open the club in case of low interest. In case you are not given different information, payments must be for at least half a year. The child is registered as soon as they hand in the filled application at the reception.

Payments can be discussed with the secretary assistant Lucia Danišová.

In case of any changes, parents will be informed via e-mail or phone.


List of clubs can be hound HERE.

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