As usual, new school year means new changes, this year also for the languages departmant. We said our goodbye to more precious teachers and at the same time we welcomed teachers that have much to offer. One of the biggest changes is in the management of the department. Katie Smith overtook the responsibilities over languages department. It’s been her fiftht year now and we’re happy to see her working with you in a new way.

English program


Narnia English program is based on our goal to support students in reading, writing and speaking English as well as thinking, learning and listening. We do not only use books as the only means of teaching , our teachers use many different materials and resources and therefore English learning is meaningful and lasting. We use different support materials and activities to create an interesting learning environment, including visits from English speaking countries, taking part on many projects and competitions during the whole school year. Our English teachers put effort to encourage the students in gaining confidence in using English in both school environment and outside world too.

English at 1. stupeň


At prvý stupeň, our main goal is not only to teach English, but also to teach children to like it. We try to make learning fun, joyful and creative for them. We use experiental education for practicing grammar and conversation and we try to make them experience what they are learning. In the 4th grade children are introduced with the first subject in English – Science. The aim of having other subjects in English is for the students to learn how to study in English. We cooperate with their Slovak teacher to make sure they‘ve understood the Slovak and the English concept as well.

1A Zsuzsa Forgács (3x week)                 Sarah Oliver (2x week)

1B Alena Lissýová (3x week)                   Sarah Oliver (2x week)

1C Alena Lissýová (3x week)                   Meredith Riddle (2x week)

2A Zsuzsa Forgács (3x week)                 Sarah Oliver (2x week)

2B Alena Lissýová (3x week)                   Sarah Oliver (2x week)

3A Zsuzsa Forgács (3x week)                  Meredith Riddle (2x týždenne)

3B Mirka Littvová (3x week)                       Sarah Oliver (2x week)

4A Mirka Littvová (3x week)                        Meredith Riddle (2x week)

4B Zuzana Fabriciová (3x week)               Meredith Riddle (2x week)

4A prírodopis / science Ashley Poun ds (1x week)

4B prírodopis / science Meredith Riddle (1x week)


English at 2.stupeň


At druhý stupeň, we expect students to be actively using their vocabulary and grammar learnt at prvý stupeň. We want to challenge them not only to do the exercises, but also to form their opinions, to be able to give reasons for them and have discussions about the actual topics. We want them to make a step from simple language use to ability to communicate in a native English environment. They have other subjects in English, like Geography, History, Religion and Music.

5A Daniela Dziaková (3x week)                        Meredith Riddle (2x week)

5B Zuzana Fabriciová (3x week)                       Ashley Pounds (2x week)

6A Mirka Littvová (3x week)                                Ashley Pounds (2x week)

6B Zuzana Fabriciová (3x week)                      Ashley Pounds (2x week)

6th grades History - Katie Smith (1x week)

7A Daniela Dziaková (3x week)                        Ashley Pounds (2x week)

7B Daniela Dziaková (3x week)                        Ashley Pounds (2x week)

7th grades Geography - Katie Smith (2x week)

8th grade Kristína Uhlíková (3x week)             Katie Smith (2x week)

9th grade Alena Lissýová (3x week)                 Katie Smith (2x week)


Second foreign language at 2. stupeň


Students choose another foreign language in their 5th year. They can chose between German, taught by a new teacher Miriam Rajnohová and Spanish taught by Andrés San Hipólito from Spain.

Activities for the year 2012/2013


We’re happy to inform you about some special events that will be held this chool year at our school. Our 8th graders are part of an exchange program Comenius. We’re happy to welcome 10 students from English Coventry at the end of September and to show them how it is to be a Slovak pupil. On the other hand, at the end of April, 11 of our students will visit them in England to see how it is to live as an Englander.

In the middle of October, we’ll hold the 4th Family English Night prepared by the teachers of I. Stupeň. This event is meant for children and their parents who will come to school and will learn together what we do with kids in the lessons. At the same time, you’ll get many ideas on how to help your child learn English even if you don\t speak any.

In November we’ll traditionally organize the English Olympics which are not only meant to select the winner for regional round, but also to get an overview of the level of English in II. Stupeň. The tests are focused on grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and also speaking.

In February our pupils will have the chance to show their creativity in English writing by attending the annual Original English Prose and Poetry Competition. Students can send in their own story or poem and if they win, they will go on to other rounds to compete against other students from Slovakia, as well as other countries.

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