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Special needs teachers at our school are responsible for fundamental methods of teaching for students with specific learning needs. Reeducation, rehabilitation, accommodations and integration in a standard classroom are all applied to exercise the greatest potential of student who are fully involved in the school community and are successfully growing. In cooperation with the teachers and putting an emphasis on age, they create an environment to ensure the success of students with special needs.

Special Needs Teacher for I. stupeň (1st – 4th grades) Veronika Sinová, veronika.sinova(at)narnia.sk

Special Needs Teacher for II. stupen (5th – 9th grades) Viera Hojnošová, viera.hojnosova(at)narnia.sk



  • ·         Setting up, leading, classifying and actualization of documentation about individual students with special studying needs
  • ·         Recommendation for students to be diagnosed (according to the needs and facilities)
  • ·         Solving the problems of special studying needs children
  • ·         Providing necessary tools for special studying needs children (timetables etc.)
  • ·         Lesson observations with the aim of getting to know the class, individual students and their work at school
  • ·         “Depistáž”  (dictation and a standard text rewriting 2 times a year in order to early discovery of dysgrafy and dysortografy)
  • ·         Participation at the team building of the class
  • ·         Building up a special pedagogy library, preparation and collecting material for work with children (worksheets, exercises etc.)
  • ·         Lecturing (giving teachers enough information about a problem, diagnosis and deepening their knowledge in this field)
  • ·         Participation at the 1st grade students sign in for school
  • ·         Organizing and evaluating school maturity tests together with the depute manager for 1. stupeň
  • ·         Individual work with children
  • ·         Consultation and cooperation with parents
  • ·         Cooperation with teachers


The main job description of a school special pedagogue is to work with special learning needs children. They come to the office of the pedagogue to work individually according to their given ahead given schedule in the frequency of one teaching lesson a week. They develop their specific diagnosed problematic function during that time. This lesson can be also used to clarify things that were not clear to the student at the lesson.

As tools we use specific and professional literature, worksheets, exercises modified according to the needs of the children, games and others. Special pedagogue also works with the children according to their present needs, like test writing, dictation, discussion, problem solving etc.


Parents can make an agreement to meet with the pedagogue when they need. Initiators of this meeting can be them or the pedagogue. The reason of the meeting is usually to inform the parents about the problems and the progress their child is making, exchanging mutual experience and looking for most effective way to help the child study and overcome their specific problems.

The important part of the cooperation with parents is also filling in the needed documents for children, helping with their school duties and responsible working on worksheets given by the special pedagogue as a part of reeducation of the problematic part or skill.


The pedagogue helps and gives advice to class teachers about working and teaching the ŠVVP children. If there is a need, the special pedagogue helps to prepare an individual studying plan for the integrated child. He/she also provides materials to make their work and progress in their skills more effective.

He/she informs the teachers at the beginning of the school year about ŠVVP children on one to one discussion also providing them with the child’s diagnosis record. The pedagogue also communicates with the teachers about the best ways and methods to asses and to work with the particular children supervises all teachers in working with ŠVVP children (in Slovak and in English) He/she informs the teachers about the actual state of the children throughout the year and also helps teachers to solve the problems with ŠVVP children who disturbed the education process. The pedagogue also helps to modify and asses the tests and dictations.



Húsenica na kolesách hračkaPoznáte senzorickú integráciu? Lebo naši štvrtáci už áno:)
V spolupráci so študentami liečebnej pedagogiky vyrobili senzorickú húsenicu a túto myšlienku poslali ďalej.


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