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  • Lunches are provided by Tomáš Mészároš – PINO, s.r.o.
  • They are cooked in the school building
  • Lunches are served between 11:30 and 14:30
  • II. stupeň Narnia students can chose from among two soups and three main courses: meat, vegetarian and salad
  • I. stupeň  receive a piece of fruit with their meal as well

Students use their cards to pick the meal at the machine in the canteen  one day in advance


  • · for I. stupeň       1,39 €
  • · for II. stupeň 1,46
  • · for high school 1,56 €


  • administration work in the canteen – cheques, lunch tickets, lunch canceling and ticket selling for other users of the canteen provides Mrs. Daniela Radošťanová (phone number 0910 312 640)
  • cheques are given after the 20th day in a month (e.g. after 20th Sept. 2012 for October 2012) and it is necessary to pay them by the 30th day of previous month the latest
  • financial limit for food goes on the card of the student based on the paid cheque and showing the confirmation about paying (printed if using internet banking) in a buffet by the end of previous month
  • you can pay by cheque or using your account – account number of the receiver is: 2624174550 / 1100; variable symbol is the month and the year(e.g. 1012)


  • I. stupeň:Orders are made collectively straight in the operation computer for all students from 1st to 4th grades. When taking the lunch, students put their card against the small terminal near the lunch window, where the cook sees their names and orders and confirms they’ve taken their lunch. I. stupeň students have orders all the time unless their parents cancel the order.
  • II. stupeň: Studentsdo their orders by using the electronic card and the terminal in the canteen always one day before. When putting their card towards the terminal, there is a list of numbers 1-4 on the screen. They can choose from these 4by clicking on the option and then wait till it confirms the order by saying:Objednávka bola zaznamenaná”. When taking the lunch, students put their card against the small terminal near the lunch window, where the cook sees their names and orders and confirms they took their lunch. 


  • Students can cancel or order their lunch personally or on the phone by 8 a.m. the latest on the day of the actual lunch. For phone cancellations, call: 0910 312 640
  • Since the company for food supplies for more schools, when ordering or canceling in the morning, it is necessary to provide the full name, class and the school of the student.
  • For I. stupeň student, parents cancel all the lunches when their child will not be at school.
  • II. stupeň students only cancel their lunch that has been ordered.


To find out how much money you have left on your account, visit http://czsnarnia.edupage.org. The login and password can be provided from the secretary of the school. The information there is just approximate and is updated once a day. I n case of any complaints or queries, please contact the canteen manager, Ms Radôšťanová – e-mail:radostanova.pino(at)zoznam.sk, mobile: 0910 312 640.


Part of the canteen is a little snack bar with refreshments like non-alcoholic drinks, fresh bread, sandwiches, little stacks. It is open daily from 7:30 to 14:30. It is run by the company Tomáš Mészároš – PINO, s.r.o.


You can find a new café on our galleria. It is run by the company CoreFit s.r.o. and it offers healthy vegetable juices, snacks, sandwiches, cereal bars, muesli, fruits and hot drinks. It is an open place for students, parents or visitors from 7:30 to 16:00.


The quality of our service is supervised by the food committee. You can send all your comments and ideas to stravovanie(at)narnia.sk. Parents can use this address to send their questions, suggestons or praise connected to food and the canteen.

Members of the food committee are:

Mr. Jozef Kerekréty (parent)

Mrs. Renáta Kubáň (parent
Mrs .Andrea Tóthova (parent, teacher)
Mrs .Milena Uhlíkova (employee)

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