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 All of this is happened because, fourteen years ago, an English teacher decided that our school would be a great place for English writing skills to be practised, cultivated, discussed, and evaluated in an open contest. We are thankful that she made that decision because – among other things – it gave us an opportunity so many English writers to meet at our school again this year.  We are also thankful for the people who took this idea, kept it alive, and developed it further. There is certainly one person without whom this event would not take place –  Saša Petrisková, the longtime administrator of our competition. Thank you, Saša!

How does it happen that new things come to life? Where does an idea come from? Where are our original thoughts born? We may never know the exact answer. However, what we do know is that when we let this idea grow, when it helps us to communicate and understand each other, something magical may come our way.

Narnia is another example of the great capacity of human imagination. Both as a fantasy book written by C. S. Lewis and as a school it proves that our creative effort can bring about unexpected results. I dare say that when the English Professor, CS Lewis, finished writing about a land inside a wardrobe, he never anticipated that one day this land would become real in a very special way – as a school that would be given the same name. I am also quite certain that he never imagined that a line from the book would be used as a title for a creative writing competition. To him, „Leaving the Door Open,“ was just the moment when Lucy opened the wardrobe for the first time – and she decided to leave the door open “of course, because she knew that it is very foolish to shut oneself into any wardrobe“.

This year the judges had a difficult task to choose from over one hundred contributions of great quality. Again we were left to marvel at the original ideas and thoughts of our young contestants. For us it may be just a few lines of a poem or just a short story. However, it may also be a beginning of something new, something none of us can yet see. Perhaps we have a prospective famous writer or an English teacher in our midst... who knows?

The winners from Narnia included:

6th-7th grade poetry: Lucia Tomášiková, 2nd place; and Vanda Harmanová, 3rd place

8th-9th grade poetry: Eva Bročkova, 1st place; and Beáta Ramljaková, 2nd place

8th-9th grade prose: Natália Varinská, 2nd place; and Hana Hartmannova, 2nd place

Several copies of the book that their works were published in are in the school library, where they may be read and enjoyed by everyone.

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