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Narnia’s English program is built around our goal to support the students in reading, writing, and speaking English; as well as thinking, learning, and listening in English. Books are not our only means of teaching.  Our teachers use many different materials, resources, and activities. This makes English learning meaningful and lasting. Some of these different activities include projects and competitions that take place throughout the whole school year. Our English teachers put great effort into encouraging the students to gain confidence using English in both the school environment and the outside world too.

One unique way we do this is by giving the students constant exposure to native English speakers.  Our teaching team consists of 15 members, 9 of whom are Slovak, and 6 come from English speaking countries.  This year, we are proud to boast of four Americans, one Irishman, and one Scot. 

Beginning in prvý stupeň, students have three hours a week of English with a Slovak teacher and two hours a week with a native-speaker.  The Slovak English teachers are able to focus on teaching grammar from the perspective of a native Slovak speaker and can explain difficult concepts in ways that they know the students will be able to understand.  The native English-speaking English teachers can focus on vocabulary and pronunciation from the unique perspectives of their own countries of origin.  This dual approach gives the students the best of many worlds, enabling them to listen to and understand the English spoken by different people around the world, and making it natural for them to learn to speak English in a way that will make them easily understood by English speakers from all over the world.


English in 1st – 4th grade

In prvý stupeň, our main goal is not only to teach English, but also to foster an atmosphere that teaches the children to enjoy English. We try to make learning fun, joyful, and creative. We use experiential education to practice grammar and conversation in order to help the kids experience what they are learning.

In the 4th grade, children are introduced to their first subject in English – Science. The aim of teaching a different subject in English is to give the students an opportunity to learn how to study in English. We cooperate with their Slovak teachers to make sure that the students understand the science concepts in Slovak as well as in English.


English in 5th – 9th grade

In druhý stupeň, we expect students to be actively using the vocabulary and grammar that they learned in prvý stupeň. We want to challenge them to not only do the exercises, but also to be able to form opinions, give reasons for them, and have well-thought-out discussions about real-life topics. We want them to make the step from simple language use to true communication in a native English environment. Having conversation classes taught by native English speakers really helps the students take this step.

The other subjects that are taught in English in druhý stupeň are Geography, History, and Religion.


Second foreign language at 2. stupeň

In 5th grade, students choose a second foreign language to study. They can chose between German and Spanish.

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